Friday, May 13, 2016

Why I'm Weird

A little compilation of weird things about me because these are fun to read and why not.

My nose isn't my favourite so the dog snapchat is a godsend and I love it and the day they remove it I will cry actual tears because nothing will ever be that good kbye.

I hate when my fingernails are longer than my fingers. The day that they are longer I'm super uncomfortable and I feel like everything I do is going to break them. (even though they are not super breakable or anything...) The only time I'm okay with long nails is if they are fake.

I never have headphones in. Not walking around or at the gym. I feel like I'm missing things if I do have them in and I like to just observe my surroundings. At home I'd rather have music playing out loud. The only time I will have them in is on long public transit trips. Like bus or train. And that is just so people don't try and talk to me and I can sleep the hours away :)

I never ever proofread anything. When I was in school I would spend hours working on something and as soon as I typed that last word it would be submitted. Once I'm done, I'm mentally done and don't want to give it another thought. I also have always used pens on scantrons and to write tests. I trust myself that my first instinct in that situation is usually best!

The thought that children grow in bellies is alien-like to me. And I know it's the most natural thing in the world, but still!! I think when I'm pregnant and can start feeling the child it will be the weirdest thing ever.

I cry over tv all da time. I don't cry very much in general but any emotional scene in a TV show or movie and I'm all teary. My current reason to cry: Greys Anatomy.

I hate lotioning my hands. Because I get calluses from going to the gym and I want them to stick around because they make me feel like a bad bish and every time you lose them you have to get them again and that hurts.

That's it for now!
What's something weird about you? :)

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