Monday, May 2, 2016

Living in Toronto (April)

April flew by of course, and was super fun. The weather is finally getting better and I am so pumped for less days wearing coats. We got to spend more of our afternoons in parks rather than in the living room, which was much needed.

Kid meals.
There was a little too much snow this month for me. Getting home from London late on a Sunday night.
Out for Pizza and Pasta for my sister's birthday!
And cake.
New shirt for the phone.
In Oshawa for boyfriend's hockey tourney.
And back in TO at the aquarium.
Jellyfish tank.
I never have a tricep and I had one that day.
Finally park weather! Spot the little boy.
A pregnant orange!
Bro beans and I on the beach in Cobourg.
Being artsy.
Being cute.
Being funny.
Being jumpy.
We were there to see a play!
It felt like summer out so we went to the farm!
Which was free and super for little kids.
These were huge.
When you live with a 4 year old who likes your boy.
Smoothies with bae.
Toronto art.
On the greyhound back to London.
Starting fires.
Boys and balls.

On to May, which is my birthday month. I am so pumped for sunshine and turning 24 and summer finally being here. Fingers crossed for a tan and a lot of weekends on patios in the future.

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