Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I turned 24

I turned 24 on Sunday! When midnight hit I was in a tent looking up at the stars and it was perfect :) Devon and I decided to go camping for a night awhile ago and booked it awhile ago. We went to Long Point Provincial Park, which I had never been to and it was great! We had a really good site that was next to the beach, and luckily the weather cooperated and we actually got into the water! (rare for me)

Our campsite!
Last day being 23
I put on timer and do weird things
Beautiful day!
Turned into rain real quick....
We walked up a hill.
And I got a heart attack.
Selfie mirror in the forest yas.
Celebrated with half a beer.
Nicest beach.
Getting piggybacked.
And then we had a little photoshoot.
Not ready.
Tat show.
Walks on the beach.
Birthday breakfast #healthy
Birthday lunch that came up afterwards.
Dinner :)
Dessert :)
Along with the trip to Niagara Falls last weekend, and the camping trip this weekend, Devon got me tickets to go see Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in July and drew me this :) Because he is so well-rounded and most talented :)

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