Thursday, April 7, 2016

Summer Bod

Summer is around the corner and coming way too soon. Everytime a month ends I decide that "next month" I will start eating right and gym regularly. And then the month goes by and I do it all over again. I have no problem with the gym. Apart from getting sick for awhile, I actually enjoy going, and it gives me a chance to get out of the house, so I end up going most nights.

It's the eating part that doesn't happen. I have zero self control and live beside a mall and hashtag treats. With Easter being over, we have a nice break from holidays that involve treats, so I'm hoping that will help ;) Last summer I went to Barbados, and that gave me motivation to eat chicken and rice, and by the time I went I was super happy with my body and I was looking!

It's hard eating the way I usually would, because right now I live with my cousin and his family, and they make all dinners. Which are amazing and I'm not complaining about them at all! When I lived by myself I would basically meal prep and eat the same thing every day, and was fine with that. #Boring

Hopefully I can balance everything and make some progress before short weather hits! I've started writing everything down that I eat, whether on paper or on an app, I find it helps keep me accountable, and I'm less likely to eat a cookie if I have to write it down afterwards! Right now I'm doing a four day split: back/bis, quads/glutes, shouldys/tris, hammy calves. I do cardio a couple times a week, usually just 15 minutes on the stair master. I like doing a minute fast speed followed by a minute slow speed. If you're going to do cardio, you might as well help your booty in the process :)

Anyone have any tips they find helpful?

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