Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday 5: Instagram

5 Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Katy Hearn
She is a personal trainer. She has an amazing booty. She has cute dogs. She is a sweetheart. And her and her fiancé are taking over the world. Instagram here.

The Bucket List Family
These parents are travelling the world with their two young, super cute, blonde children. Amazing photography and surreal locations! Instagram here.

John Stamos
Here is your eye candy. Classic good looks and great throwbacks from the full house days and beyond, oh and he's funny too. Instagram here

Anya Ells
This lady is from my hometown are and obviously gorgeous. Her photos are inspirational and make me want to go to the gym and put in werk. Instagram here

Chrissy Teigen
You probably know who she is, but if not, she is a model and married to John Legend and on TV and hilarious and she wrote a cookbook. Did I sell you? Instagram here.

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