Thursday, March 31, 2016

Living in Toronto (March)

London Lightening game!
I like my beers with straws.
The kids.
My kid.
I'll start next month...
Summer = Fruit and I am so excited.
My selfie spot at the gymbo.
If you are not on Snapchat I recommend you get it just for face swap alone.
Boyfriend taking his sweet time trying on clothes.
We found out we both like Rainbow Bit cake mix so cupcakes had to be made.
This was a joke but it's still cute ;)
Dog filter is my life.
Axe Throwing in London.
Girls have to throw with two hands b/c lack of arm strength.
Most fun.
Will do again.
Finally had a few nice afternoons at the end of the month!
And started doing more cardio and being a sweaty monkey.
And ending March with another dog filter because why not.

I am super excited for more nice days and baby birds and spending more of my time at parks with he little guy :) Hope everyone had a great March! Now let's see what April has for us!

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