Monday, January 11, 2016

Thursday Night

If you go to the gym, you have probably been approached by a male at some point. It happens. There are creeps everywhere, but for some reason the gym creeps feel that talking to girls is fine to do. And I'm not talking about every male in the place. There are plenty that are very decent guys and I've made lots of friends at the gym.

But there is always one individual who has to go and ruin it for the rest. Or in my case, multiple. Maybe I look approachable? I don't know what it is, but people always feel the need to come and talk to me.

Last week I was doing some dumbbell curls and standing in optimal lighting, (which made it look like i had a small amount of muscle- thank you overhead lighting!) and a guy started kind of mocking me, but in a nice way(?). Like wow you're so strong! And I was all "ha ha ha" and continued on with it. Older men like to tell me how strong I am. I am not strong in the slightest. It's fine. Whatever. I was over it.

Ten minutes later I was sitting down doing some rows and the same guy comes over and pulls out his phone. I'm not sure if maybe he couldn't speak english, or was deaf, but he started typing what he wanted to say on a notepad on his phone. It went a little something like this.

He started off by telling me that I should run for 30 minutes before I start with the weights. And then I should spend 30-50 minutes on the weights.

I'm like okay, maybe, thanks for the input.

I should mention that I've never seen this guy before so he has no idea what I usually do in the gym...

And then he goes on to tell (type) me that he used to have a gut, as he pats on his stomach, and that 3 months ago he started running before and now has no gut.

So this guy is telling me I have a gut? In some shirts maybe but not the one I was wearing that day!

He pulls up his camera roll on his phone and shows me a picture from 3 months ago when he had a gut. And then motions at his now non-existent gut.

The whole time I'm just sitting there smiling and nodding/ subtly sucking in whatever gut I had going on that made him come talk to me.

That was the end of the conversation and he left after that, and I avoided eye contact for the rest of my workout. But so weird! I mean I guess he was nice about it and everything but????

Some peoples kids...


  1. I also have the "approach me" face, its a curse. I don't know why men, have to make everything so uncomfortable, rather just don't say anything. Most of the time I'm shocked that they have so much courage to talk so much nonsense. Don't they hear themselves?!

    1. They must have a filter than makes them think they are being appropriate?? It's crazy, who raised these guys haha!?