Friday, December 18, 2015

Netflix and Chill

The weather is getting colder and we're all getting lazier. (right??) I can honestly say I have netflix on my computer screen at least once a day. Sometimes I watch a show while the baby is taking a nap, sometimes after dinner, or as I'm falling asleep at night. I binge watch shows like there is no tomorrow and go through an insane amount. Right now I'm on Pretty Little Liars, because I never watched it when it was actually a thing...

Here are some of my recommendations if you're looking for something to watch. Quite the variety and not necessarily new but it's whatever.

Freaky Friday is a classic. At least it is for my generation. Or at least for me. Back before Lindsay went crazy and Chad Michael Murray had long greasy hair... I definitely owned the soundtrack on CD too. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

In Time is one that I never think about but I actually really like. Justin Timberlake is on fire here and this is probably my favourite movie of Amanda Seyfried. It's a little actiony and a little lovey. My fave.

Being Erica is a very underrated series in my opinion. It's about a woman who goes back and relives certain moments of her life, with the ability to alter events. It's lighthearted and happy and you'll love it.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a weird movie in a good way. There is a lot going on and some surprises and a pretty interesting storyline. It's unexpected and there are english accents.

Human Planet is my favourite when it comes to documentaries. Most people have seen (or at least heard of) Planet Earth, which is about animals in different habitats. This is the human version and explains how people live in different parts of the world. It's got an amazing storyline with even better camerawork.

The Other Woman will make you feel super empowered in a "Who runs the world-girls!" kind of way. Even if you're never experienced a cheating guy like the one in the movie, you will appreciate the way they approach the situation and spin it into something positive about female friendships.

Nip/Tuck needs to be moved to the top of your "Must Watch" list. I can't say enough good things about this series. In fact, I'll probably start it again very soon. It is completely over the top in the best way and has drama and suspense and good-looking people. It does show plastic surgery happening in sometimes graphic detail, but as I have the weakest stomach known to man-kind, I promise you will be okay. Just trust me on this one.

The To Do List is one of my favourite comedies on Netflix. I had never heard of it but couldn't find anything else and gave it a shot. It's about an inexperienced girl who decides to become experienced before she heads off to college with the help of a sexual to do list. It's hilarious and will have you laughing the whole time.

Any recommendations for me? Leave them below!

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