Monday, November 16, 2015

Thougts in the Big City

A collection of thoughts I've had while living in Toronto.

I'm from a small town of about 9,500 people. I went to school in a bigger town/smaller city of 367,000. And now I'm in Toronto, which has a population of 2.6 million. Ya. I'm moving on up in the world. I have to say that living in Toronto is better than visiting Toronto. Not that visits aren't fun but they always seemed rushed and expensive.

Nobody smiles at me. Okay I exaggerated a little bit. Moms with strollers smile at my when I have a stroller. Sometimes the elderly throw me a bite, but it's pretty rare from the general population. When I first moved here I made the mistake of smiling at everyone I made eye contact with. I think the first week I got maybe 2 back? I actually made note of them because they are so rare. I was super offended but I'm over it now and have stopped smiling. This city made me hard. The end.

Back home we drive everywhere. We have to drive some places but we also drive unnecessary places. People like to drive. It's a thing. We (They) have a car here in Toronto and since I moved here 2 and a half months ago, I have been in it twice. I don't even think about it. I forget they have one. I walk everywhere because everything I need is in walking distance. And if it isn't I take the subway or the streetcar. Done deal. Because driving in this city is more trouble than its worth.

More people means more weirdos. It's inevitable. I've had people yell weird things at me, one guy grabbed my arm as I was walking by asking if I had a minute. (Nope!) I've heard my fair share of fights on the street. For the most part, stay out of their way and they will stay out of yours. Trust your gut and avoid eye contact and continue on your merry way!

People are more open to things in a city than in a small town. One of the reasons I can't see myself living in a small town is the amount of ignorance many people have. I said many, not all. I go to a playgroup a couple times a week, and there is circle time after the playing happens. Before the songs start, the kids have some books to choose from that they can sit and read. One of them this past week was Mommy, Mama, and Me. It's about a child with two mothers and it was so cool to see it. Loved it. These are the kind of things you wouldn't really see in a smaller, more conservative place.

I haven't been to many gyms in my life. The Y in Toronto that I go to is only number 4. But it is the first one I've been to where everyone in the change room is naked. I can honestly say I didn't know what the average naked woman looked like until I spent some time in this change room. I have also realized I'm a huge prude because I am always clothed and trying really hard to look people in the eyes. I can't comprehend having a normal conversation with someone in the change room while you're both standing there naked, or bending over in weird ways. I know. Prude. But it has opened my eyes to what is "normal" and I've been feeling pretty good about myself so ya :)


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