Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Nanny Diaries (Pt 2)

I have absolutely no idea what's on the radio these days. I couldn't tell you the new songs or artists that have been emerging the last couple of months. The only songs stuck in my head are nursery rhymes and kid songs. At playgroup we have circle time and sing songs. So catchy. And I am now singing them constantly.

I used to have girl crushes. Those have now been replaced by mom crushes. Girl crushes are not a sexual or romantic thing, its more of a 'i want to be you' thing. My mom crushes are the ladies who have their hair brushed and a cute mom outfit on and are constantly smiling at their kids. (as soon as you start screaming at your child in public you are off the list) They are the ones running around playing with their kids rather than the ones sitting on benches on their phones. They are the ones chatting everyone up and the ones you feel as though is your best friend 2 minutes after saying "hi."

I am not so grossed out by certain things as I once was. To an extent. I'm not completely immune but when you deal with bodily substances as much as I do, it tends to loose the gross factor at least a little bit. It is now cold season and babies hate having their noses wiped. Instead he smears his face on my shirt when I pick him up. The amount of times I have gone out in public with snot on my shoulder is probably… a lot. Hence the reason I am the type of nanny who wears "nanny" shirts and doesn't try to look like a fashionista. Who are you.

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