Monday, November 9, 2015

Living in Toronto (October)

Month number 2/6 has come and gone. October was pretty good in terms of weather. We still got out to our fair share of parks even though playgroup has been frequented more regularly. If the snow could hold off until December I would totally be okay with that… Didn't do anything Halloweeny for Halloween, stayed home and helped hand out candy. Wasn't into it this year. 4 years of college will do that to ya. #PhotoDump

Cool spot for brunch in Liberty Village called School.
Where we actually went for brunch because School was full and a 2 hour wait for 2 of us….
Impromptu art shows.
Funky paper store.
I essentially make my sister follow me around and take photos.
Matchy matchy. I don't love TSwift but I do love her shoes. #Keds
Constant eye candy in this city.
Two Bite Saloon on Bloor. (My burgers are the 3 not the 10!)
Where I spend my nights because I don't have a life.
Cold night in a coat with a weird collar.
Went to visit my sister Bridget at Subway! Free cookies for days.
Volunteered at an event here.
Highschool students lined up to learn about different volunteer opportunities around the city.
Walking home in the pouring rain.
Some more eye candy.
Visited the AGO.
Atomic Bomb photos at the AGO (as the picture says, thank you snapchat.)
He tried to teach me how to play pool...
0/10 on form and 0/10 on skill. It's fine. 
The next monthly photo dump will probably have snow and winter coats in it and that makes me a little sad. Enjoy the sunny warm days!!

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