Thursday, October 22, 2015

Using Twitter Effectively

Although recent news shows that Twitter is laying off 8% of its workforce globally, it remains a great tool for individuals to use to connect with other likeminded people, and connect with people around the world. Twitter gives users the opportunity to post short statuses (140 characters), and offers multiple ways to communicate with followers. I've been using Twitter for years, although recently I began a professional Twitter account. Here are a few tips on using the social media outlet effectively.

The first thing you do when you sign up for a twitter account is choose your handle. Your handle is the name you will be knows as. Pick something simple and basic and that identifies you easily… such as your name, or some variation of it. Obviously pick a photo that is appropriate, no clev shots. Under your photo is a little bio. Make it personal and decide what message you're trying to portray to the Twitter world.

Something that I recommend doing as much as possible is including brands or businesses in tweets if you are talking about them. You can also tweet directly at brands if you want to ask them a question, or give feedback. To 'mention' another account, simply find their username and include it in your tweet after typing an '@' symbol. 

Use hashtags to draw attention to specific parts of the tweet, and make it searchable. On twitter you can search a hashtag and see all of the tweets containing that specific hashtag. This is a great tool for finding things that interest you!

Follow accounts that are relevant to your business or interests, and when you see something that you like and you think your followers would enjoy, retweet it! There is also the option to favourite a tweet, but the tweet doesn't get shared on your feed when you do this. 

If you have a link you want to share, or an article, use the Google Url Shortener to make that link as short as possible. This gives you more room to write your tweet!

Overall, keep your feed fun and post a variety of things to keep your followers interested! Use videos and pictures to spice it up, and be sure to communicate with other people.

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