Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Nanny Diaries (Pt 1)

Unless the child does not look like you (aka a different race), everyone will assume it's yours and will do so until you blatantly say it. The little boy I take care of is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also family. If I have a baby boy one day, he will probably look quite similar. When I'm walking with the stroller, sometimes I can see peoples eyes going back and forth from him to me. Most people are cool. I mean even if he was mine, I'm 23. He is 1. It wouldn't be THAT crazy. There has been crazier. There was one lady who was walking toward us, took off her sunglasses (that's when I saw something off) and preceded to yell at me something about virginity, and that we were all going to have to pay for my mistakes. Ummmm ok. Moving along. #citylife

Playgroup is my new favourite hobby. I just discovered a community centre close by that has drop-in and kindergym programs throughout the week. Drop-in takes place in a room upstairs with bins of toys, a toy kitchen with toy food, puzzles, etc. The kids get to play and then they get a snack, finished off with circle time. Circle time includes stories and songs. The kids love it and the parents get to hang out. Kindergym is held in a gymnasium, and they have play structures, little cars the kids can get in, balls, and interactive toys. The kids can run around and burn off energy. This one is less relaxing for the parents due to the bonked heads caused by the play structures and running around, but it's great. He is literally falling asleep in my arms at the end from exhaustion. Although it's a little hokey at times and it's hard to take some of the songs seriously… It's a life saver

I don't know what the cause is, but mom's don't talk to me. Whether its at the park, the library, or at playground, there always seems to be the cool moms that know each other and meet each other there and won't let anyone else in their circle. (#tbt to high school?) There has been a few that have struck up a conversation, but for the most part it's the dads that talk to me. Shoutout to the cool dads in this city!

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