Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Costumes I Would Wear If

It's been a couple of years since I dressed up, and I'm not this year either. My hallowen will probably spent with the kiddies and then maybe the sister and I will hit up a haunted house or something fun in the city. I'm definitely out of the party mode in general. I got that out of my system in college, so I'm completely okay with a halloween that doesn't involve beer.

However, if I DID have a party to go to… and the curves to pull these getups off, here are some that I just might consider. All costumes found on the Yandy site.

Spandex is not forgiving. You need to eat salads for the whole month of October to be able to pull of this one. I have not been eating salads, but if I had the bod going on, yes please.

I love this one because it is so weird. It's called 'Sexy Goldfish.' The word sexy is not something I would ever use to describe a goldfish but hey, someone thought this up. And I'm kind of into it? It would be a good conversation starter at the very least, and you'd (probs) be the only Sexy Goldfish at the party.

I'm all about food. Food costumes are good. This one is super simple but also super cute. A banana! And you can make your man be a monkey! Done deal.

Cher! Yes yes yes. Yellow is not my colour and I'm not a fan of plaid, but for some reason this outfit that Alicia Silverstore wore on Clueless was perfection and I am in love with this costume.

This one is a good option because I feel like it would be comfy and cozy. October is chilly and if you're going to pick a skimpy little costume at least pick one made out of this bunny material? Sign me up.

Are you dressing up this year? What's your costume of choice?

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