Saturday, September 19, 2015

Living in Toronto (September)

I've been living in Toronto for close to a month now, working as a nanny for my cousin and his wife. While I won't be posting baby pictures on here, I have lots of others to share! My days consist of naps, parks, snacks and playing. I don't know too many people here, but I do have some family around, including my sister. We've been doing some things together which has been nice. Fall is coming fast and I am so ready to pack up the shorts and pull out the jeans. These white legs need to go back into hiding ASAP! Here's a little photo dump from the past month :)

Garden in the back of the house, complete with lettuce, tomatoes, currants, carrots, peppers, and lots of herbs!
Sisters room. I'm into white lately.
My new phone case. Thank you Marshalls.
Seeing a friend from high school for the first time in 3(!) years.
Brunch in Kensington Market.
Book wall in a cafe.
Joined the YMCA and have been going every night for the most part!
Ice Cream shop called Home.
Build your own Ice Cream Sandwich. Sweet Cream ice cream and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie.
Found Irwin street!
Interesting little house.
Murals everywhere.
The heat has been sticking around well into September. Shorts every day!
A line-up for a TIFF movie premiere. Unfortunately I didn't make it to any...

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