Friday, September 25, 2015

IKEA Catalogue

Remember when you were a kid and the Sears Christmas catalogue would come? It was so exciting and I would spend hours going through and deciding what I wanted, cutting the pictures out and gluing them on a piece of construction paper, resulting in my Christmas list.

Fast forward a few years. I can't say I feel that same excitement when I see a Sears catalogue now. The IKEA catalogues are a whole different story. I am constantly day dreaming about my future abode. I've always been excited to be a "grown-up" and have my own place. I absolutely love flipping through the catalog for inspiration.

Here are some that jumped out at me in the most recent one!

Bright, white kitchen, yes. Laundry in the kitchen, double yes.

More white, and plants everywhere. 
Those light-up cabinets!!
Loving the wall of bookshelves!
This colour scheme in general.
And this artsy vibe.
This looks very natural and clean?
Shoes on display!

Do you have any recent Ikea purchases in your house? What do you think? Love or not so much?

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