Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Success on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best way to promote yourself, whether you're trying to sell yourself or a brand. People love the visual aspect, and it allows you to be completely creative and connect with consumers. Here are a few basic tips on growing a successful Instagram account.

I'm fairly silly with my use of hashtags, but they still work!
Use them. I promise you, you will get more attention on a photo with hashtags. People search for the weirdest things, guaranteed strangers will come across your pictures through the use of hashtags. Hashtag events, brands, vacations, businesses…But make sure they're relevant! You're not going to get a like if someone is searching for a burger and sees your photo of a sunset!

This shows the brands of my bikini tagged in the photo.
You have the option of tagging people in your photos. If you have photos with friends in them, tag them. Something I like to do is always tag the brands of the clothes you are wearing in the pics. Brands take notice of this, and sometimes repost an image. By tagging a photo with a brand, your photo will also appear on their page, under the 'photos of' tab. Side note- Always use the location feature! It allows your photo to show up when the location is searched.

I liked the way this particular filter made my hair color look ;)
Share your best photos. Share photos that express who you are and what you're about. Write appropriate captions. Use relevant hashtags. Use filters. (My personal favourite is the VSCO app!) Be picky. Delete something if you no longer like it. Strive to have high quality in all aspects of the gram!

Explore page
This is the key to Instagram, and will get you the most followers when you're starting off. Find users whose content you enjoy, like their photos, comment if you have something to say. The explore page is a great way to find photos that you'll have some feeling about. On a side note- sync. Share your Instagram photos on your other social networks. This will allow your friends on Facebook, or followers on Twitter to be able to connect with you on Instagram as well. 

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