Thursday, August 13, 2015

Not Wanting to Travel

Barbados Summer 2015
Everyone I know has caught the travel bug. With just graduating college, a lot of people my age have decided that going off and having an adventure is a better idea than getting that full-time job right off the bat. I understand. I'm not quite ready to grow up just yet… But I gotta say, I feel like the best way for me personally to spend this little "gap" is to make money rather than spend it?

My next 6 months will consist of moving to Toronto and living with my cousin and his family as a live-in nanny. It puts off real grown up life for a little bit and I'm not spending a ton to do this, but rather I'm bringing in some money. And the big city is far away enough from my little town.

Summers at the Cottage
It's not just about the money though. I've never been much of a traveller. We go to the cottage every summer, which took the place of vacations. The family went to San Diego, California when I was about 13 and I was going through an "I hate everything" phase and was a nasty grouch the whole time. I remember everyone went on a bike trip to a nearby beach and I stuck around the condo and watched MTV. Not to say I didn't have any fun the entire trip or anything, but I definitely didn't take advantage of it.

The way I see it, I'd rather spend my money on something like making my house comfortable to live in than on a vaca. I'd rather save up for a car than go to spring break in Cancun. What can I say, I'm a homebody I guess. When I picture spending my money, I want a nice little apartment with a dog and a comfy couch. (Boring right?)

Toronto last October
With my Facebook news feed being full of amazing travel photos from places all over the world, it's easy for me to wish I was doing what they are. You hear parents bragging all of the time about how their kid is off backpacking Europe, or building schools in Africa. You don't hear parents talking with the same enthusiasm about their kid who just put another grand into his savings account. That's not exciting.

It's easy to get caught up in excitement of travel and adventure, but we all have to remember that everyone is different and there is nothing wrong with the alternative. I would always choose comfort and reliability over adventure and spontanenity. I'm sure I'll go on some trips in my life and absolutely love them and have a blast (aka Barbados) , but it will never be a focus in my life and that's okay. That's just who I am.


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