Saturday, August 8, 2015


At the end of July I made the trip to Barbados to visit my roommate from college and one of my closest friends, Emily. The last time I was on a plane was about 5 years ago and just coming from NYC, so I had no idea what I was doing. It's a miracle I arrived there in one piece!

I was in Barbados for a week, and believe it or not, came back even more pale than I was prior to basking in the sun. (Shoutout to fake tans that fade gradually over a week!)

Getting close!
Pretending to be a hot shot on the beach the first day
Most amazing beaches and water
Lying in bed after I passed out on the booze cruise and had to leave!
A night out with my best!
A snapshot from the Go Pro
A picture that makes it look like I got a tan, don't be fooled!
Different beaches daily
An outdoor potluck birthday dinner
Sitting in the water, because sitting on the sand is so hot!
Checking out the locals, perhaps?
Catching a sunset before dinner
Palm tree pic snapped while driving
Rented snorkelling equipment from a guys trunk
Nothing like it
A sea turtle
Very cool, but very creepy at the same time!
A Bajan snow cone, much sweeter than the ones I'm used to!
Inside a mall
Loving the beaches
Home, and ready for a shower
Covered in paint
Saying goodbye to Emily, and heading back to Canada
Overall it was a great trip, and if you are interested in exploring the Caribbean I highly recommend checking out Barbados. While I saw it from more of a local view than that of a tourist, here are the five things I would suggest making sure you do while on the island.

1. Snorkelling with the Sea Turtles.
2. Spend a day at Carlisle Bay, or any beach really!
3. Get a heritage tour, there are some beautiful buildings around the island with a lot of history.
4. Go to 'Harbour Lights' and get a taste of the nightlife.
5. Try some local cuisine, such as flying fish or macaroni pie.

I compiled all of my clips into a video on YouTube, check it out below!

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