Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Being Phoneless

Do you ever here of iPhone batteries dying? I don't mean dying like 'go charge it' dying, I mean fried. Dead forever. I think most people either loose/break/upgrade before their phones die, because I can't say I've heard about this happening a lot. 

It was the night before my birthday and I was anxiously awaiting for midnight to hit and the 'Happy Birthday!' texts to start rolling in. Midnight hit, a couple slid in, and I happened to realize that my phone was at 2%, despite being plugged in. I decided the cord was broken and ran to get another one. Nope. Nada. Zip. 
And then it died. And never turned back on. 

And so began my long, treacherous 4 days sans phone. You really don't realize how much you use those silly things until you don't have it. What time was it? Oh wait. What time was the bus coming? No clue. What was my moms phone number? Not having your phone on you for an extended period of time is a little bit like not having your hand, it affects everything. 

Plan 1 was to get a phone from a guy at work. It was old and cracked but it was better than what I was working with. I took it into Bell and set it up and off I went. But it was jailbroken and the wifi and home button were broken. I decided it would probably just be a better idea to fork over the money and buy a used one. 

I emailed a guy on kijiji about a 4s for $200 and decided to meet on Sunday. I went to the atm to get the money out, but of course there was a limit on how much I could get out. That limit was $100. Meaning I could not get $100 out due to the $1.50 service charge. So $80 it was. This wasn't going to cut it. Meeting postponed. 

Just by chance one of my friends happened to come over that day to hang out, and realized I did not have a phone. Turns out he had just gotten an iPhone 6 and had a nice pretty 5 just lying around! The next day I went to the bank, got out the rest of the money, and got myself a phone. He also gave me an otter box with it because he is a gem and this is why you should buy things off your friends and not strangers on the internet. #perks

By the time I was done work on Monday night the call centre was close and I couldn't activate my sim. The next morning I woke up ready to call in, forgetting I didn't have a phone and couldn't exactly do that. Facebook messaged my mom, who called in, and we got it done. Bless, it's true. You don't realize what you got till it's gone. 

What's the longest you've gone without a phone?

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