Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bruce Jenner

I was never into the Kardashians until last summer, when I ran out of shows to watch and was looking for something with multiple seasons. Keeping up with the Kardashians was on its ninth, so I knew it would last me awhile. It did. And while yes, I know it's not the best thing I could be watching, I love reality tv. If you follow the family at all, see magazine covers at checkouts, follow any social media, etc, you know about Bruce Jenner and his gender identity struggle. 

I've always been interested in people. I love hearing people's stories, and learning about things others have gone through. When I was in high school there was a boy a year or two ahead of me that eventually went on to fully transition into a woman. I always followed her story (here) and since then gender identity stories have always been interesting to me. I think it's amazing how social media, and YouTube specifically, have allowed people to come forward and tell their stories. One of my favourite YouTubers is Gigi Gorgeous, who is transgender. I just think it's amazing that it's 2015 and people can literally change their gender. If someone isn't comfortable with the gender they were born with, they can do something about it. Obviously it is more complicated than that, but the fact that we now have the technology to do it is crazy! I am all for doing things that make you the happiest you can be!

The great thing about the Bruce Jenner special is that he is such a well-known individual, and the fact that he is going through this so publicly is opening up others to the idea, and promoting conversation about the topic- which i love! The other night my guy friends and I were talking about it, and it was great to see how open and willing to learn they were about it. I was very impressed. I think the more we are exposed to the better, this just reiterates the need to educate on how everyone is different and the importance of accepting those differences. 

If you haven't watched the special, I would definitely recommend it! Even if you aren't a regular KUWTK watcher, this special focuses solely on Bruce and his journey, and shows how the whole family handles the news and changes. It was really amazing to watch and hear his thoughts. You can watch them here. 

If you have seen the special, please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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